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Computer giving you problems? Call us.

Computer Repair:
​​​We offer full repair services on Desktop PC's, Apple/Macs, and Notebooks/Laptops.  Are you getting crazy errors?  Maybe your computer doesn't start up at all?   Or maybe it's just running more slowly than usual?  Whatever the issue, we can diagnose the problem and find the best solution to get you back up and running, in no time!

Viruses are everywhere.  Let us clear them out.


Infected with a computer virus or other malware?  Getting tons of annoying pop-ups?  Are you a victim of Ransomware?  Even the most careful user can get infected these days.  Most of the time, it's not as scary as it looks.  We safely remove Viruses, Trojans, Root Kits, Spyware, and other malware, most often saving your data and applications.  So, if you see something scary, stop before you click or call that flashing number on the screen.  Call us instead.  We can get you back up and running quickly!


Bring it to us, or we can come to you!


Maybe it's easier for you to drop things off to us, or maybe it's more convenient to have us come to you!  Most services are available either onsite (local area) or in-store.  You'll find our courteous, friendly techs ready to help you.

Dropped that cellphone again?  We can help.

Tablet & Phone Repair:
​We repair most tablets and cellphones, including iPads, iPhones, iPods, Samsung/Android phones and tablets, and more!  We do a full range of repairs including LCD and digitizer replacement, batteries, charging ports, cameras, and software issues!  Our prices are fair and competitive, and we'll get it back to you quickly!

Let pIT Computers help you with your computer repair, phone and tablet repair, networking, and so much more!

•    New and Refurbished Computers
•    File Sharing / Printer Sharing
•    Upgrades (Memory, Hard Drives, etc)
•    Cables, Adapters, Accessories
•    Windows Installs & Updates
•    Batteries and Chargers for many devices
•    And much more!

Here's a basic list of the services we offer:

•    PC & Mac Repair (Desktop & Laptop)
•    Phone and Tablet Repair
•    Virus/Malware Removal
•    Networking & Network Security
•    Maintenance Contracts
•    Antivirus Software
•    Data Backup and Recovery
•    Tuneup/Cleanup

This is only part of what we do.  If you don't see what you need on this list, please contact us today!

pIT Computers 2600 36th Street Parkersburg WV 3044221748

Find out what networking can do for you!

Home user or small business, we can provide all of your networking services!  Whether you are running a single computer or a network server with many PC's,  pIT Computers' experienced technicians can be trusted to provide excellent service.  We have 20+ years of experience in many of the technologies in the marketplace today and can be of great service to you!

Small business owner?

You've got better things to do.  Let us help.

Business IT:
You can focus on growing your business, while we take care of your IT.  Regular monthly maintenance helps avoid crisis situations.  Data backups and software updates, virus checks, physical cleanings, etc help keep your computers and network running smoothly, so you can do the same for your business.  You can rely on us.